A couple of key takeaways from Mary Meeker’s latest internet trends report

Smartphone growth is slowing

Smart phone shipments are down to a 3% increase YoY versus a 10% increase last year.

Voice search is growing

20% of mobile searches in 2016 were made by voice searches.


TV viewership is declining and Netflix has over 30% of home entertainment revenue in the US.

From zero to 30% in just 10 years.

India is booming

While internet growth is slowing, in India internet users grew by 28% in 2016.

With only 27% online penetration, there are a lot  more opportunities to grow.

Sharing your Healthcare data

25% of Americans own at least 1 wearable which increased by 12% in 2016.

60% of comsumers are willing to share health data like likes of Google.

Entrepreneurs love gaming

Gaming is going mainstream, with 2.6 billion gamers in 2017.

Global gaming revenue is estimated to be around $100 billion in 2016 & China is the top market for interactive gaming.


Mobile Ad Revenue Grew

By 22% in 2016, eclipsing desktop ad revenue.

Internet ad revenue overtakes TV 

Internet ad revenue is set to overtake TV advertising globally in 2017 (something that’s already happened in the U.S.).

Google + Facebook 

Google and Facebook have captured 85% of the growth in internet advertising.

Concerns about Ad blocking  

Users don’t always like data collected and online ad platforms are upping their game in terms of effective ad targeting and measurement.

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