Explore the Uk election through Google Search & Google Trends

According to Google, the Labour party is clearly the most searched for parties in the last 30 days and the last 7 days in Google.co.uk. 

UK search interest in 5 most searched parties

Top UK questions on the general election, last 7 days
  1. Who should I vote for?
  2. How do I register to vote?
  3. When is the general election?
  4. How to vote
  5. Am I registered to vote?

Top 5 Searched Questions

On the Conservative Party
  • Why vote for the Conservatives?
  • What do the Conservatives stand for?
  • When will the Tory manifesto be published?
  • What party is Theresa May from?
  • What is the Tory ‘rape clause’?
On the Labor Party
  • Why vote Labour?
  • Will Labour win?
  • Is Labour left-wing?
  • Why not to vote for Labour?
  • When was Labour last in power?
On the Liberal Democrats
  • How many Lib Dem MPs are there?
  • Why vote Lib Dem?
  • Who is the Lib Dem leader?
  • What do the Lib Dems stand for?
  • How many seats will the Lib Dems win?
On the SNP
  • How many SNP MPs are there?
  • Will SNP lose seats in the general election?
  • What has the SNP done for Scotland?
  • How many seats does the SNP have?
  • How many seats will the SNP win?
  • What does Ukip stand for?
  • Who is the leader of Ukip?
  • What is Ukip
  • How many votes did Ukip get in 2015?
  • Who is my Ukip candidate?
On the Green Party
  • Who is the leader of the Green Party?
  • What does the Green Party stand for?
  • Who are the Green Party
  • How many seats do the Green Party have?
  • Where does the Green Party stand on Brexit?
Search interest in how to join major parties spiked immediately after the election was announced.

Search interest in “Join the…” in the last 7 days

A seven-way general election debate took place on the BBC on Wednesday 31st May. Representatives of the following parties took part: Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green party, Plaid Cymru, Ukip and the SNP.

So who won this debate on Google Search??


Disclaimer: All data collated from Google on 12/05/2017. This could change according to user search trends in each region.


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